This on-line supplementary number of One Health International Journal contains the pre-prints of the Abstracts

of the Communications presented at the 2nd European One Health Conference, 21 – 22 June 2019,

Bucharest, Romania


 S01 The meaning of the word “Healthy” in approach One Health

Corina Bistriceanu, Cristina Gârlea, Cornelia Marin, Cristinel Sonea

 S02 Antimicrobial resistance: an One Health approach in ESKAPE pathogens

Andrei-Alexandru Muntean, Miron Alexandru Bogdan

S03 The relationship between animals, humans and the environmental stress syndrome

Emilia Balint, Iuliana Codreanu, Radu Anghel, Nicolae Manolescu

S04 Canine and feline oncology, fundamental elements of One Health principle

Alexandra Trasca, Nicolae Manolescu, Emilia Balint

 S05 Updates in lower limb prosthetics, a comparative view of the human and canine models

Marius Stanescu, Adrian-Bogdan Popescu, Radu Zubaci, Adrian-Simona Ionescu

S06 MgB2 based materials for the improvement of life quality

Petre Badica, Mihail Burdusel, M.A. Grigoscuta, G.Aldica, Nicolae-Dan Batalu, M.Bucur, Carmen-Mariana Chifiriuc

 S07 Yellow onion skins: a possible source for positive health effects

Stefania-Adelina Milea, Gabriela Râpeanu, Gabriela-Elena Bahrim, Nicoleta Stănciuc

 S08 Anthocyanins from food by-products as alternative for syntethic additives? A big challenge for food and related industries

Nina-Nicoleta Condurache, Gabriela Rapeanu, Gabriela-Elena Bahrim, Nicoleta Stanciuc

S09 Persistent lymph node stimulation – a possible release factor for lymph node cancer

Dragos-Constantin Coman, Adrian-Stefan Dumitru, Nicolae Manolescu

S10 Cythemorphological modifications of hematopoiesis as signaling element of the possibility of neoplastic transformation

Ana-Maria Coman, Cristinel Sonea, Nicolae Manolescu

S11 Mycotoxins in food of non-animal origin – risk for animals and humans

Violeta-Elena Simion, Adriana Amfim

 S12 Food certification – a value added for food safety

Madalina Belous

 S15 Building economy support for natural protected areas using a One Health perspective

Mădălina-Teodora Andrei, Bianca-Elisabeta Panduru, Cristina Ilie

S16 Edible insects – alternative sources of food?

Irina Zamfirache, Oliva Maria Dourado Martins, Violeta-Elena Simion

S17 Standards and regulations for the value chain related on One Health nature based solutions for a healthier living

Dan Radulescu

S18 Romanian organic agriculture, vector of bio economy in Romania. Inter professional organization in organic farming and One Health concept

Costin Lianu, Irina Gabriela Rădulescu, Corina Gudei

 S19 Standards and regulations for the value chain related on One Health. Seabuckthorn – a revolutionary element for health

Madalina Giurescu, Stefan Lianu, Alexandru Merfu

 S20 Transforming the business environment to match with One Health paradigm. Where is the profit?

Costin Lianu, Cosmin Lianu

S21 Trends and solutions towards sustainable life, science, food and environment

Nicolae Craciun, Maria Teodorescu

S22 Food as means to preventing diseases

Nastasia Belc, Denisa Duta, Claudia Mosoiu, Nicolae Manolescu