2017 Volume 3, Supplement

This supplementary number of One Health International Journal contains the Abstracts of the Communications presented at One Health National Conference, 26 – 28 June 2017, Targu Mures, Romania


S01 Knowing, developing and applying the global One Health concept. Significance of the concept in improving the health status, and reducing the diseases incidences and mortality, both for humans and animals – ONE HEALTH WHITE CHART

Nicolae Manolescu, Mircea Ifrim, Virgil Nadolu

S02 The One Health – One Medicine new concept and meat zoonotic parasites in Romania

Vasile Cozma, Adriana Gyorke, Anamaria Balea, Zsuzsa Kalmar, Diana Barburas, Adriana Jarca, Andrei Mihalca, Viorica Mircean, Liu Mingyuan, Calin Gherman                                               

S03 Circular economy in the Romanian food industries

Nastasia Belc, Sorin Iorga, Claudia MosoiuCircular economy in the Romanian food industries

Marcel Matiuti, Cristina Gârlea, Cristinel Sonea, Carmen Luminita Matiuti, Ciceronis Cumpănăsoiu

S04 Related aspects to human health in the context of nutrition influenced by climate change

Marcel Matiuti, Cristina Gârlea, Cristinel Sonea, Carmen Luminita Matiuti, Ciceronis Cumpănăsoiu

S05 The usage of taxes in Romanian public health policies

Corneliu-Florin Buicu, Andreea-Luciana Chiotoroiu, Claudiu Neagu, Edith Daniela Ceana

S06 Public health within international security

Sergiu Borsa

S07 Ticks and tick-borne diseases in Romania: the One Health perspective

Gianluca d’Amico, Andrei Daniel Mihalca, Angela Monica Ionică, Ioana Adriana Matei, Vasile Cozma

S08 Forest health human health

Cornelia Marin, Cristina Gârlea, Florian Udrea, Marian Carasava

S09 Critical infrastructure protection in ONE HEALTH Romanian concept

Ionut-Catalin Savu, Gheorghe Militaru, Virgiliu Petru Copaci

S10 Phytotherapy in veterinary practice, a component of new One Health medical concept

Emilia Balint, Stefan Manea, Viorica Tamaş, Viorica Carabela

S11 Resistance to antibiotics. World crisis and the role of One Health concept in this context

Ionel Victor Patrascu

S12 What are the antibiotics? Anything but ordinary medicines

Adrian Man, Anca Delia Mare, Lidia Man

S13 The exposure level to antibiotic resistant zoonotic bacteria from a Romanian trout farm

Constantin Gheorghe Cerbu, Marius Mircea Savu, Gheorghe Florinel Brudascu, Marina Spînu

S14 Dynamics of antibiotic resistance of bacterial species isolated from outpatient settings versus hospitalized patients (2012-2016)

Maria Nica, Tatiana Biolan, Adriana Priseceanu, Corina Oprisan, Simin Florescu, Petre Iacob Calistru, Emanoil Ceausu

S15 Antibiotic resistance and quorum sensing – An overview

Silvian Guranda, Elena Marian, Marina Spînu

S16 Future alternatives in infection control and in global health system

Adrian Man, Felicia Toma

S17 Microbiota in health and disease: a current review

Dan L. Dumitrascu

S18 Human papillomavirus associated with the sexual behavior of patients diagnosticated with dysplasia or cervical cancer

Septimiu Voidăzan, Silviu Horia Morariu

S19 Complications of primary angioplasty in patients with STEMI

Alice Munteanu, Liviu Chiriac, Daniel Nita, Irina Florescu, Cristina Calcan

S20 Is stress a friend or an enemy?

Bianca Liana Grigorescu, Anca Bacarea, Adina Stoian, Anamaria Farr, Florina Gliga, Silviu Horia Morariu, Ovidiu Cotoi

S21 Two affordable models of inflammatory bowel disease in rats

Cristina-Sorina Cătană, Cristian Magdaş, Flaviu Tăbăran, Elena Cristina Crăciun, Georgiana Deak, Virginia Ana Magdaş, Vasile Cozma, Ioana Berindan-Neagoe, Dan Lucian Dumitraşcu

S22 Polygraphic modifications in pulmonary arterial hypertension

Traian Constantin Panciu, Alexandra Acostachioae, Dragos Cosmin Zaharia, Tudor Constantinescu, Claudia Lucia Toma, Alexandru Deaconu, Miron Alexandru Bogdan

S23 The electronic registry of the Romanian pulmonary arterial hypertension program

Stefan Leu, Alexandra Maria Sora, Traian Constantin Panciu,Dragos Cosmin Zaharia, Tudor Constantinescu, Claudia Toma, Miron Alexandru Bogdan

S24 Use of ozone in food industry. Applications in slaughtering turkeys

Dorin Valter Enache, Gheorghe Puchianu, Valentin Necula, Manuela Gherghel, Doinita Calefariu, Eugen Popa

S25 Zoonoses in the last 10 years at Clinical Hospital for Infectious and Tropical Diseases Dr. Victor Babes, Bucharest

Simin Florescu, Maria Nica, Sebastian Smadu, Alma Kosa, Daniel Codreanu, Petre Calistru, Emanoil Ceausu

S26 New challenges in the diagnosis of zoonotic vector-borne diseases in Romania: canine leishmaniasis

Mirabela Oana Dumitrache, Viorica Mircean, Cristina Daniela Cazan, Andrei Daniel Mihalca

S27 The role of healthy diet and lifestyle in the prevention of cancer

Anamaria Cozma-Petrut, Lorena Filip, Roxana Banc, Oana Stanciu, Laura Gavrilas, Doina Miere

S28 An insight of Romanians’ knowledge about dietary fibers in relationship with cancer

Monica Tarcea, Zita Fazakas, Florina Ruta, Victoria Rus, Maria Salcudean, Levente Nemes, Costela Serban, Raquel Guiné

S29 Providing critical infrastructure protection in the food industry through food-defense system implementation

Dorin Valter Enache, Cristina Maria Canja, Gheorghe Puchianu, Valentin Necula, Dan Serban, Manuela Gherghel

S30 The economic value of some hayfields of the Transylvania plain (Mureş county). Is there a man-nature balance?

Silvia Oroian, Mihaela Sămărghiţan, Corneliu Tănase

S31 Lifestyle choices between different age groups in Romania

Corneliu-Florin Buicu, Andreea-Luciana Chiotoroiu, Claudiu Neagu,Edith Daniela Ceana, Silviu Horia Morariu

S32 Study on levels of physical activity index and physical exercise self-efficacy at student in physiokinetotherapy

Adela Badau, Dana Badau

S33 Neutrophil to lymphocyte and Platelet to lymphocyte ratios as markers of systemic inflammation in non-small cell lung cancer

Ionela Erhan, Stefan Dumitrache-Rujinski, Carmen Stroescu, Claudia Toma, Miron Alexandru Bogdan

S34 Communication skills in pediatrics – a continuous need for improvement

Cristina Oana Mărginean, Lorena Melit, Mihaela Chincesan, Simona Muresan, Anca Georgescu, Leonard Azamfirei

S35 Endoparasites of rodents from captive breeding in perspective of One Health

Maria Nedisan, Cristina Magdas, Vasile Cozma

S36 Bacterial growth microcalorimetric metabolic fingerprint analysis

Dragos Zaharia, Alexandru Andrei Muntean, Vlad Tudor Popa, Mircea Ioan Popa, Miron Alexandru Bogdan

S37 Real-time antibiogram, a new concept of microbial drug susceptibility testing by microcalorimetry

Dragos-Cosmin Zaharia, Alexandru Andrei Muntean, Vlad Tudor Popa, Mircea Ioan Popa, Miron Alexandru Bogdan

S38 The risk of exposure to tick borne pathogens associated with Ixodes ricinus tick bites in humans in Romania

Ioana Adriana Matei, Zsuzsa Kalmár, Mihaela Lupşe, Gianluca D’Amico, Angela Monica Ionică, Mirabela Oana Dumitrache, Călin Mircea Gherman, Andrei Daniel Mihalca

S39 Is routine disinfection efficient in avoiding human infection with Toxocara canis eggs?

Aurora-Livia Ursache, Mihai Cernea, Vasile Cozma

S40 Food intake of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Do we choose sources of vegetal or animal origin?

Amelia Tero-Vescan

S41 Evaluation between two screening methods used in the diagnostic algorithm for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS)

Alexandra Sora, Alina Badea, Alexandru Cocieru, Andrei-Alexandru Muntean, Dragos Zaharia, Stefan Dumitrache-Rujinski

S42 Obesity, systemic inflammation and the risk of cardiac arrhythmia in obstructive sleep apnea

Carmen C. Stroescu, Stefan Dumitrache-Rujinski, Ionela Erhan, Luciana Savu, Dragos Zaharia, Miron Alexandru Bogdan

S43 Chronic exposure to ultraviolet radiation is a predisposing factor for cutaneous malignancies

Mircea Ambros, Mihail Alexandru Badea, Ovidiu Simion Cotoi, Silviu Horia Morariu

S44 A bioremediation sequence with hemp shives like natural amendments for cadmium contamination

Corneliu Tanase, Silvia Oroian, Alina Stingu, Valentin I. Popa

S45 The influence of corrective gymnastics at home on postural optimization in adolescents

Dana Badau, Adela Badau, Adriana Neofit, Ion-Ene Mircea

S46 Effect of an ambulatory rehabilitation programme on the body composition in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Daniela Jipa, Alina Croitoru, Miron Bogdan

S47 Scleroderma from a pulmonary perspective

George Uta, Tudor Constantinescu, Miron Alexandru Bogdan

S48 Erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular risk factors in primary care

Remus Sebastian Sipos, Engya-Anikó Jakab

S49 Exposure to endocrine disruptors and the risk of reproductive toxicity

Camil-Eugen Vari, Bianca-Eugenia Ősz, Maria Titica Dogaru

S50 Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in buffaloes in North-western Romania

Diana Barburas, Adriana Györke, Remus Barburas, Vasile Cozma

S51 Psoriatic arthritis in the United States: increasing all-cause hospitalizations 1993–2014

Gurkirpal Singh, Cristian Moise, Aditi Mithal, Ruxandra Ionescu, Alka Mithal